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Mullins IT is proud to have provided service and support to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Central Queensland Coast regions for almost 20 years. We provide an extensive range of services for Home & Business which include: Computer Sales & after sales service • Computer Repairs • Insurance repair Quotes • Trouble Shooting • Managed Services • Networking Domain & anti-spam E-mail hosting • Cloud storage and managed services • Virtual Servers • POS (Point of Sales) • Video Monitors • Software programming


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Thecus 10Gb Ethernet

Thecus 10Gb Ethernet Card 10GBase for N16000 / N12000 / N8900, (N6850/N8850/N10850), N7710, 7700Pro,..


Thecus MS WINDOWS STORAGE SERVER 2012 R2 LICENSE ONLY FOR W8900/ W12000/ W16000 (LS)..

Thecus N2310 2Bay NA

Thecus N2310 2Bay NAS, RAID 0, 1, and JBOD, GB Ethernet. FTP Server, Bitorrentt. USB 3.0, Best Value..

Thecus N2810 2Bay NA

Thecus N2810 2Bay NAS, Intel 1.6GHz, RAID ( 0,1, and JBOD), 2xGbE, 4K Media Playback, HDMI, VPN, The..

Thecus N4800 4Bay To

Thecus N4800 4Bay Tower NAS Atom Dual Core 2.13GHz/2GB/RAID 0-10. eSATA, VGA, HDMI, LAN x 2 (LS)..

Thecus N4810 4Bay To

Thecus N4810 4Bay Tower NAS RAID (0,1,5,6,10, JBOD), USB 3.0 Type C, Display Port, HDMI, SPDIF, 2x ..

Thecus N5550 Power S

Thecus N5550 Power Supply..

Thecus N5810 5Bay SM

Thecus N5810 5Bay SMB Tower NAS Quad Core, 4GB, HDMI, USB 3.0, Intel Security, Stackable 5 additiona..

Thecus N5810-PRO 5Ba

Thecus N5810-PRO 5Bay SMB NAS Cel Quad-Core/4GB/RAID 0-10/UPS Protection (LS)..

Thecus N8800+ HDD KE

Thecus N8800+ HDD KEY (LS)..

Thecus W4810+ 4Bay W

Thecus W4810+ 4Bay Windows Storage Server Essentials NAS, Quad Core Celeron 1.6GHz/4GB/60GB SSD. Off..

Thecus W5000+ 5Bay T

Thecus W5000+ 5Bay Tower NAS,Windows Storage Server Essentials. Atom 2.13GHz/4GB/500GB SSHD/Raid 0-..

Thecus W5810 5Bay Wi

Thecus W5810 5Bay Windows Storage Server Essentials OS. Cel J1900 Q-Core/4GB/SSD..

Thecus W5810PSU Powe

Thecus W5810PSU Power Supply..

Thecus W8900 8Bay 2U

Thecus W8900 8Bay 2U NAS 3.3GHz/8GB/RAID 0-60/Rackmount. Redundant PSU, 10GB Ethernet. (MS WSS 2012 ..
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